The revolution in skincare

A professional spa treatment that you can use at home

The revolution in skincare
  • Clinical tests

    Results: an immediate tightening effect, improved hydration, tightened pores and better overall skin radiance.

    ...An overall appearance of rejuvenation and a decrease in the depth of wrinkles...

    ...All patients gained an average reduction of two years in their skin age...

    ...Young, oily skins are normalised and pores are tightened. Aged skins are rehydrated – with improvement in fine lines..."

  • Testimonials

    "My skin has a healthier glow to it and a much more youthful appearance..." Justin 48 Designer: London

    "I am surprised and impressed to see a two minute treatment that is so easy to use, be so effective..." Francine 50 Housewife: Paris

    "I recently did an ‘emergency’ treatment after a very short nights sleep and before an important interview. The effects are quite spectacular." Anais 25 Beautician: Paris

  • Guarantee

    MTherapy may be clinically proven to work but its new and you haven’t yet tried it.

    To make your decision easier we offer a guarantee that makes your purchase of the Beauty Pod risk free. Our guarantee is a first in cosmetics. We are so sure you will be delighted with the results that we will give you back the cost of the machine if you are not satisfied after the first four weeks of use.

  • The revolutionary new system...

    A controlled vapour delivers 20 nutrients in two minutes to make your face look and feel fresher and younger...

  • Plug in your Beauty Pod Plug in your Beauty Pod
  • Insert a Podlet Insert a Podlet
  • Relax in the vapour Relax in the vapour
  • Effects within 30 minutes Effects within 30 minutes